About the Kranzle Company

About Kranzle

Launched in 1974 in Germany by Josef Kraenzle and with current exports to almost every continent, Kranzle Germany are leaders in the Design and Manufacture of a range of high pressure cleaning systems distinguished by their extraordinarily high quality, extremely modern design, precision engineering , long service life and economic efficiency.

“Better Perfect… Than Cheap!”

With this slogan, Kränzle managed to successfully establish itself on the market. Not being the cheapest pressure cleaner, but the best! This is our commitment and it applies to all products and solutions. Therefore, Kränzle is the number one choice for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide who attach great importance to high quality.

The Kranzle R & D department is constantly working on product innovations to provide convincing solutions to the worldwide requirements of the cleaning industry. Irrespective of whether it is a for cleaning motor cars, transport or commercial vehicles, farming or animal farming, industry and trade, public and municipal services or house and yard, Kränzle products are user friendly, reliable and durable.

The Kranzle team of experienced and motivated specialists focuses on the further development of the product range: high-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, and power sweepers.

See the quality and effort that goes into building one Kranzle high pressure cleaner!

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