Choosing an Electrically powered High Pressure Cleaner

With the wide variety of electrically powerwed high pressure cleaners available, how will you decide which is best for you?
Here are a few tips to help you choose the best high pressure cleaner for your needs.

Duty Rating – Domestic, Professional or Premium ?

Consider the amount of cleaning you will be doing.
If your application only requires intermittent cleaning round the home or workplace – for up to 10 hours per month – then a Semi-Professional unit, such as the Kranzle HD7/122 or Kranzle Silent 122 will probably suit you perfectly.



If you need a high pressure cleaner for more extensive use, including business use, up to 40 hours per month, then we would recommend that you seriously consider purchasing a Semi-Industrial or Industrial model such as the Kranzle K1152TST or K2160TST.





If your application will involve commercial/
industrial high pressure cleaning on an ongoing basis – over 10 hours per week
– we would strongly recommend that you purchase one of our Industrial models, e.g. the Kranzle Quadro 599TST or 1000TST, or a hot water Therm unit. Not only will you have a unit that cleans more efficiently – getting your job done faster with less water and power usage – but you will also have a high pressure cleaner that will last longer, cost less to maintain, and have a far greater resale value when the time comes to upgrade.

Hot or Cold Water ?

Another decision you need to make is whether you require hot or cold water.
In many applications, cold water, with our without detergent can be very productive. However, if your cleaning application includes cleaning a lot of grease, oil or heavy encrusted dirt, the best alternative is to select a hot water unit.

Consider trying to wash a greasy plate in cold dishwater – the grease will shift eventually after lots of scrubbing with plenty of detergent! When you switch to hot water, the grease will be dissolved and the plate will be clean a lot quicker and with less water!

In addtion, the use of hot water over 80°C will provide sanitisation in food and pharmaceutical cleaning applications

Understanding our Language

Water pressure is measured in PSI. The PSI is necessary to break the chemical bond between the surface and the stain. The stronger the chemical bond, the more pressure you will need to remove it! (Note: 1 psi = 14.5 bar)

Flow Rate – L/min (Litres per minute)
Water flow is measured in litres per minute. The greater the L/min, the more surface area a pressure cleaner can cover. Imagine two streams of water under the same amount of pressure. The first stream contains twice the water as the second. As a result, it will clean twice as fast.

Work out the power of a high pressure cleaner:
Often, users of high pressure cleaners are uneducated on the power of a high pressure cleaner. More pressure is not always better, sometimes applications where there is heavy soiling require more flow! To best determine the overall power of your unit, use this simple method:

Pressure x flow rate = Pressure Cleaner power
Which is more powerful? A 1800psi @ 10L/min or a 1700psi @ 11L/min?
a. 1800 x 10 = 18000
b. 1700 x 11 = 18700 – This is a more powerful option

Bigger is Better
Always select a High Pressure Cleaner that has more capacity than your cleaning requirements.

The small amount extra you may invest to do this will be  quickly recovered with the fuel saving and longer service life gained, and the cleaning time saved.

Long Term Investment – what is best for me ?

The Kranzle Premium range of high pressure cleaners have been designed and built with the serious high pressure cleaning user in mind. Without question, this range represents the best long term value. These units feature the Kranzle forged brass pump head, top quality electric motor components and are built into well designed protective bodies.

In addition to this – the PowerBlast 2 / 3 / 10 Warranties apply to all Kranzle units – 2 years on the complete unit, 3 years on the burner coil, and 10 Years on the forged brass pump head!