The Benefits of the Commercial Petrol Pressure Washer in Industrial Settings

Some people claim that nothing can beat the power offered by an industrial petrol pressure washer, especially if you need to remove tough stains, oils and abrasive substances from machinery, walls, and vehicles. However, if there’s no better product than the petrol pressure washer, why would electric alternatives even be available? In reality, there is no correct answer to the question “which is the best type of power washer?” – It all depends on what you intend to use your pressure cleaner for and how often you plan to use it.

If you supply tradespeople, DIY enthusiasts and commercial clients with power washers, it’s important to understand the differences between the various types so that you can bolster your customer service offering, secure repeat business and gain the upper hand against your competitors. However, first, you need to find a wholesale supplier that you can trust to provide you with the highest quality products on the market, but it’s also wise to search for a provider that’s always on hand to answer questions and offer advice. Fortunately, if you’re looking for such a supplier, you’ve already come to the right place.

At PowerBlast, we’ve been a wholesale provider of top-quality power tools and pressure washers for over 35 years, and we always prioritise the needs of our customers above all else. We’re not a company that tries to encourage clients to purchase the most expensive pressure washers available. Instead, we listen to our customers’ exact requirements and recommend the most suitable products for them. In some situations, we’ll advise stocking electric power washers for your customers, but the commercial petrol power washer is beneficial in other cases due to the reasons listed below.

Advantages of the Wholesale Petrol Power Washer

Your clients will expect you to provide answers if they ever have a question regarding the benefits of commercial petrol power washers. The following information might prove useful:

  • Durable: Though it’s not always the case, electric power washers tend to be less hard-wearing than the petrol-powered alternative, so if your customers intend to use their machine more than 10 hours per week, they’ll likely need an industrial petrol power washer.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Use: Naturally, most people avoid using petrol-powered washers indoors because they emit toxic chemicals. However, they’re perfect for the outdoors because their sheer power allows them to remove the toughest stains from just about any surface with relative ease.
  • Flexibility: An electric washer only runs provided there’s a power source nearby. However, industrial petrol washers can run as long as you have fuel and enough water. If your customers require as much flexibility as possible, you might want to recommend the petrol option.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Us with Any Questions

While petrol washers certainly have plenty of benefits, the electric alternative is more appropriate in many situations. If you need more advice or information on the differences between the various types of pressure cleaner available, we welcome you to contact our professionals with questions and for recommendations. Call us today to find out how we can help you.