What Type of Commercial Grade Pressure Washer is Best for Industrial Purposes?

Pressure washers are becoming increasingly integral pieces of equipment in both residential and commercial settings, with homeowners using their washers to remove grime, dirt, stains and abrasive substances from cars, decks and outdoor furniture and industrial business owners using them to clean anything from commercial vehicles to heavy machinery. However, many types of industrial pressure washer exist, including electric, diesel and petrol, which makes choosing the right one for the task at hand a challenge.

As a retailer of power tools, your customers expect you to know the differences between the various models of commercial grade pressure washer, so if you don’t understand the uses of each, now might be the time to do some research. Some people say that fuel-powered pressure washers are always more powerful than the electric alternative, but that’s not always the case. Similarly, many individuals think you should only use diesel or petrol-powered washers when working outside, but, again, it depends on the task at hand. However, even if you’re unsure of which models are best for what purposes, you need to stock quality products that won’t let your customers down.

Here at PowerBlast, we’re a wholesale supplier that commits to providing the highest grade commercial pressure washers available, which is why we highly recommend products manufactured by Kranzle, one of the pioneers of the industry. We sell products that guarantee to stand the test of time with minimal required maintenance and have been designed with the most difficult of cleaning tasks in mind. However, we pride ourselves just as much on our customer service as we do the quality of our products, which is why we’ve detailed a few critical differences between the electric power washer and the diesel-powered alternative below.

Which Commercial Grade Power Washer is Right for Your Needs?

Your customers will certainly appreciate your ability to offer them invaluable product advice. If you have any questions, we welcome you to give us a call, but below, we’ve explained which products are purposed for indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks:

  • Indoor Pressure Cleaning: Most people would agree that the electric industrial pressure washer is best suited for cleaning indoor machinery in commercial settings because they don’t release toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Plus, you might want to avoid having a source of fuel near heavy machinery, making the electric pressure cleaner the top choice for indoor use.
  • Outdoor Pressure Cleaning: When it comes to removing oil, dirt and abrasive substances from walls, vehicles and machinery outside, power means everything, and the fuel-powered commercial pressure washer is usually more powerful than the electric alternative. They tend to cost a little more, but because they’re highly durable, they’re often more cost-effective in the long run, especially if you intend to use your industrial pressure washer frequently.

Contact the Professionals at PowerBlast with Any Questions

At PowerBlast, we want to help you purchase the pressure washers that your customers need, which is why we welcome you to contact us for product recommendations and advice. You can rest assured that our power washers are of the highest quality, so call us today to learn more about our offering.