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The Gumblaster – removes a sticky problem fast!

The easy solution to a sticky problem!

Chewing gum is everywhere. Footpaths, paved areas, picnic areas, shopping centres, car parks and more! Little wads of chewed up gum stuck down so hard it feels impossible to remove!

In the past, chewing gum removal has been a difficult process – involving costly equipment – steam cleaners, specialised chemicals, and hours of labour.

With this little tool – the task is made quick, easy and FAST! You simply connect this accessory to your existing hot water high pressure cleaner and away you go! Position the cleaner over the chewing gum – pull the trigger and move the tool back and forwards for a couple of seconds, and the 16 needle jets in the ceramic nozzle attack the gum, lifting it from the surface below and throwing it back into a collection chamber where it can be later discarded.

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Why is the Kranzle pump superior?

The Kranzle high pressure cleaner pump is superior to all others.

From the ceramic coated stainless steel plungers, to the teflon graphite seals – the Kranzle pressure cleaners are built for quality and long life.

Watch this video for more info – and see how the inside of a Kranzle pump works!

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What nozzle should I use?

We take 3 common types of high pressure cleanaer nozzles, and show you the difference each can make when used with a high pressure cleaner on the surface of a painted wooden pallet!

  1. Standard 30 degree Fan Jet nozzle – standard accessory with many high pressure cleaners
  2. Kranzle ‘TurboKiller’ Rotary nozzle – increase your cleaning power up to 80%!
  3. Zero Degree Point Jet nozzle – cutting nozzle

Wow – the Power of Water!

The kranzle pressure cleaner – Truly ‘Built to outlast, built to outperform!’

A popular TV station in Germany goes behind the scenes at the Kranzle factory – showing the production of a Kranzle high pressure cleaner from the raw product, to a quality machine!

See how every high pressure cleaner built by Kranzle is tested to reach full pressure before being completed. See how many quality components are manufactured in house at Kranzle, and used in their high pressure cleaners.

Kranzle – Truly Handmade.