41068 Abrasive Injection Kit

Improve the efficiency of your high pressure cleaner by adding an abrasive injection kit!

Use with a coarse abrasive (we recommend Australian Garnet) for cleaning flaky rust and paint off metal, or use a softer media such as Armex soda for cleaning paint off glass, wood or aluminium, Cleaning greasy BBQs, Removing graffiti and many other applications where water alone is not enough!

Works on venturi principle – the force of the water rushing through the nozzle sucks the abrasive up the hose and out the nozzle with the water. Abrasive does not pass through the pump.

Kit includes

~5m Abrasive suction hose
~Abrasive Injection head with Tungsten carbide nozzle
~400mm Stainless steel lance (trigger gun not included)

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