Kranzle K1152TST 10A

Robust cold water high pressure cleaner 10amp (2800rpm) with Single-part Roto-Mold-chassis, including storage for accessories, integrated hose reel and 15M HP hose. Total – Stop automatic switch off function and low pressure detergent application.

Technical Specs

Features and Equipment
Easy-start – NEW!
Total-Stop system
Low pressure detergent
Hose drum with HP hose, 15 m NW 6
Trigger gun with safety catch 'M2000'
Dirtkiller lance with stainless steel pipe
Vario jet lance with stainless steel pipe


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Finding the right cleaner for your business facilities is incredibly important. A clean place of work is more efficient and productive, so you’ll need to invest in products that help you create the right atmosphere. For that reason, you may wish to find power cleaners that outperform other models. If that’s the case, you’ll be interested in the prospect of learning more about a Kranzle K 1152 TST. These electric cold water pressure cleaners are some of the best in their class, and they make excellent additions to any property manager’s duties where fast and thorough cleaning is needed on a regular basis.

Why Choose a Kranzle K1152 for Your Business

The Kranzle brand has existed for years, during which they’ve come to be trusted by customers in numerous industries. The sophisticated design of these machines means that they tend to last for long periods without requiring heavy maintenance—they’re intended for regular use, and they’re much more robust than many other existing tools. Features such as adjustable pressure, excellent warranties, and sleek German engineering make Kranzle products of all kinds dependable, and the Kranzle K 1152 TST is no exception.

Before you decide to purchase a Kranzle for your properties, you’ll probably want to know more about it. Where can you go for information?

Instead of searching the internet for suitable options, consider calling a professional team who has particular experience with the brand. Brand authorities will be more likely to take time to tell you all about these products and their features so that you can make an informed decision.

Purchasing a Kranzle K 1152 TST from PowerBlast

One company you should be sure to contact is PowerBlast. Our family-owned and operated business has a long history with these first-class machines, so we know their features as well as the manufacturers themselves. Furthermore, since we’re a small and tightly focused operation, we have time to chat with potential customers in detail and explain everything they need to know before making a purchase. We recognise that all clients have distinct cleaning needs, and do our best to make sure that we can provide all of them with proper tools for cleaning their professional environments.

The decision to invest in high-pressure water cleaners is not one you should make lightly, so it’s always beneficial to seek additional information before you purchase a product. If you’re curious about Kranzle products or anything else we offer at PowerBlast, reach out to us at your first available opportunity and chat with a member of our team who will be able to provide more context for your choice. We’re also available if you need to ask about our pricing or warranties, or if you have a question about something you’ve already purchased. Let us help you become more successful in cleaning your buildings.


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