Kranzle KQ1000TST

Power in action!

This ‘top of the range’ cold water unit is designed to handle heavy duty industrial cleaning applications with ease! Rated for 3190psi working pressure, (equivalent to 5400psi with Turbo-Killer nozzle), and a maximum water flow of 16 litres per minute.

Includes 20m high pressure hose on the built-in hose reel. Latest technology means that this machine yields 30% more cleaning power at the gun than previous models!
Ideal for truck wash bays, food processing plants, wineries and numerous other applications.

Technical Specs

Features and Equipment
High pressure detergent
Safety cut-out
Steel braided high pressure hose on reel 20 m
Water tank
Trigger gun with safety catch 'Midi'
Turbokiller lance with stainless steel pipe
Fan-jet lance with stainless steel pipe
Park Brake


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