Kranzle KTH895 INOX

The stainless steel coil makes this the perfect solution for regular use in food processing plants or applications with harsh water. 400V, top of the range for safety, performance, reliability and low operating cost. Designed & built to outlast/ out perform others. Std. features incl. Total-Stop auto control system w/delayed motor cut-out, optical flame monitoring, low fuel cut-out, hour meter, adj. burner performance, thermal overload switch, thermostat regulation ̊C, 4-way safety system and built in park brake.

Features and Equipment
Total-Stop system
High pressure detergent
Safety cut-out
Optical flame monitor
Water flow monitor
4-way Safety system
Water tank
Low fuel cut-off for burner
Safety thermostat
Trigger gun with safety catch ‘Starlet’
Fan-jet lance with stainless steel pipe
Park Brake

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