M20-Kranzle Brass Knife-Jet Nozzle 20 Degree

1/4″ Inlet, Brass nozzle.

The sharper, more effective cleaning nozzle.

The comparative image shows a normal fan jet nozzle on the left, and the Knife-Jet on the right, with a clearly thinner fan jet.

The area where the Knife-jet hits the ground is approx. 75% smaller compared to a conventional fan-jet. The same pressure is applied to only 25% of the area hit by the fan-jet so that the pressure taking effect on the ground is four times bigger, leading to an enormously increased cleaning performance!

Part N0: BJFN50-Size

Nozzle Size

Nozzle Size 028 035 045 05
Part no. M20028 M20035 M20045 M20005
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